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Our Services

Once you've contacted us, we will:

Discover - Find out where your site(s) are located and talk about how much you're spending on electricity today.

Explain - Talk to you about what opportunities you should explore and why.

Qualify - Make sure this is worth your while and discuss existing marketplace conditions.

Gather - Give you a list of things we need to assemble for your potential supplier so they can start looking at your historical usage data. This data forms the proposal they will come back to you looking forward.

Introduce - Once they have done their analysis and ready to talk savings & procurement, we will schedule a conference call or face to face meeting so you can determine which option(s) you can choose from.

Expedite - Gathering the correct information from your company in a timely manor is critical to projecting future needs and wasting time doing that can cost your company quite a bit. We walk your staff through the procedure and get it done correctly so these providers have all the fire power they need to maximize your savings.

Follow Up - Our job isn't done after we've collected information and made the introduction. We monitor your company progress, savings and keep you in the loop with any legislative changes or price dips and any market conditions that can impact your company. 

We understand the complexities and confusing nature of this industry to people and companies that are challenged when looking at this marketplace for the first time or two. Our job is to enhance your experience, help you maximize your savings and introduce your company to the best provider possible.