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Who Do We Choose?

There are several providers to choose from out there and just as many reasons why the company we recommend you work with is so critically important and here’s why:

  1. Financial Strength – Financial strength equates to them being able to buy huge blocks of energy at bigger savings. It also means they’ll be around for a long time.
  2. Energy Management Program – They must have the ability to help your company manage its energy program by partnering up with you and their customized procedures that eliminates the need for broker services & fees. Why spend the money on extra staffers when they can (and should) do the work for you?
  3. ISO 9001 Rating – This is a very exclusive rating which proves a company has gone the extra mile to service your business with the most comprehensive and customized billing available.
  4. Coverage – We want a company that is licensed in every deregulated state and territory across America. So if your operations span nationwide, you’ll be able to count on them being there for you as your needs grow, expand or move.
  5. Strategic Partnership – We want a company that makes sound, long term decisions when it comes to saving you money. Many companies think short term and want you under contract as quickly as they can put you there. We expect to see smart timing when it comes to spending your money and investing into your future. If the market is high, they would still save you money over the current utility rate, but will buy your energy on the “spot market” and index you until the market recovers and shows long term savings before fixing your price. Why save a little when you can save a lot? They’ll talk with you about trends and what they think will happen on the trading floor and help you set trigger points so you won’t need to be bothered when the market hits your target. We want a company with a very high retention rate amongst its clientele.
  6. Going Green – If your company wants any portion of your energy procurement to be “Green” renewable power, we will recommend someone who is the leader in solar, hydroelectric & wind generated electricity in their marketplace.
  7. Experience – We want a company that has an incredibly wide range of expertise with energy consumption for all types of businesses. Whether you’re a manufacturer, restaurateur, retailer or any large consumer of power, we can assure you that your new provider has seen it all and been a tremendous asset to businesses looking to improve their bottom line with smarter buying.
  8. Speed – Certain states open & close their markets with very small windows of opportunity. A top performing energy provider should understand market volatility and timing better than anyone. They must keep an ear to the rail and notify you when opportunities arise. They will keep you abreast of important legislation and conditions that will benefit your company's position. Having a strong partner when timing is so important will ensure you get in the market with expedience, especially when time is of the essence.